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Ohana Pet Resort offers indoor/outdoor play areas where dogs can be dogs.  They enjoy playing ball, chasing each other and making friends in playgroups that are created by size AND temperament. And, of course, lots of head scratches and snuggles from the staff!


After spending the day in active play and socialization, you will bring home a happy, fulfilled dog whose behavior and demeanor will be what you need after your own active day.

At Ohana, we understand that not all dogs flourish in a group daycare setting. We offer two types of daycare depending on your dogs needs.


Aloha Island is standard group daycare. Your pup will play with friends the entire day, alternating between inside and outside time, monitored by staff. 


Tiki Cabana Daycare brings the benefits of doggie daycare to pets who do not do well in a standard daycare group setting. They will have their own suite with regular outside play times. They can choose private or small group play depending on their temperament. 

Safety First! At Ohana Pet Resort, we keep our playgroups small. Most dogs are not comfort
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Doggie Daycare Rates

Ask about daycare packages! 

Daycare Discount Days
Limited Time Only!
20% off!
Mid-Size Mondays: 20-60 lbs
Tiny Tuesdays: Under 20 lbs

Titan Thursdays: Over 60 lbs

We also offer military and teacher discounts!
Discounts cannot be combined.

Aloha Island Daycare
(no assigned suite, small group play all day) 

Full Day: $27
Half Day
(less than 5 hours):$18
Additional pets 20% off!

Aloha Island Qualifications: 

  • Must stay 3 days in private island to determine temperament 

  • Dog Friendly

  • Vaccinations up to date

  • Spayed/Neutered


Tiki Cabana Daycare
(assigned private suite with small group or private play) 

Tiki Cabana Daycare is perfect for dogs who need more frequent breaks from group play or for dogs who need to play one on one with a staff member.  

Full Day:
Small $28
Med $ 36
e $45
additional pets in shared suite 20% off

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